Are you a student who is interested in what our alumni accomplish with their degree from Oregon State? Or an alum that is curious what your fellow classmates are up to? Visit the Alumni Notes page.

The School of Writing, Literature, and Film has thousands of distinguished and supportive alumni. You are well-educated, creative members of society whose innovative ideas help usher in the future. You care about the health of your planet, people and economy, and this shows in the work you do around the world. This is your source for news and events in your community.

Students and faculty are dedicated to creating a healthy economy, keeping in mind the need for sustainable businesses with a social consciousness. We help students transition from academia to the professional world by fostering unique experiential learning opportunities by offering graduate teaching assistantships, and internships at the OSU Writing Center, the Writing Intensive Courses office, and the Writing Center.

Your own concern for these things helps us thrive, and we appreciate your role in keeping our legacy strong. Some alumni get involved with dollars, some with time. Both are extremely valuable ways that enhance the learning experience of students and enrich the overall education experience. If you want to get involved, contact Tim Jensen, Director, (541) 737-1634. For more information about supporting SWLF contact Grady Goodall at 541-737-5918 or

We especially wish to thank Patrick and Vicki Stone for their generous gift.