Call for Applications

The College of Liberal Arts invites its tenure-line faculty members with research and teaching interests in American Studies (broadly conceived) to apply to teach at the University of Warsaw's American Studies Center during the spring term of 2025 as part of our ongoing OSU-UWarsaw Faculty Exchange Program. The University of Warsaw's ASC is the second-largest American Studies program in Europe and offers a wide spectrum of undergraduate and graduate courses on subjects ranging from public policy and political science to queer theory and ethnic studies. 

Interested applicants should submit as a single, combined pdf document a cv, a brief letter of support from their School Director, and short, 1-paragraph descriptions of 2-3 potential course titles for ASC courses to the following contacts by April 1, 2024:

Raymond Malewitz, Associate Professor of English, Oregon State University
Grzegorz Kość, American Studies Center Director, University of Warsaw

"What is Science Fiction?": A Literary Guide for English Students and Teachers

ASC Professor Paweł Frelik delivers a mini-lecture on "What is Science Fiction?" for SWLF's literary terms video series during his visit in Spring 2023.

Exchange Structure

The University of Warsaw will pay an OSU faculty member to teach one spring term class within their American Studies Center (one 1.5 hour class per week) and participate in ASC faculty activities. To fulfill their OSU teaching obligations and draw their full OSU salary, they will also teach one E-campus course for their CLA unit.*

The visiting ASC faculty member will teach two classes for an appropriate unit within CLA and participate in OSU faculty activities within and beyond the unit.



* Note: This model presupposes a 2-2-1 teaching load for CLA faculty members with the 1-course term falling in the spring term of the 2024-25 academic year. Permission to teach in this format must be secured by your unit's director.

Exchange Details

OSU Faculty

ASC Faculty 

Term of visiting appointment

Spring 2025

Spring 2025

Home university appointment

Teaching 1 course via Ecampus, collect full OSU salary

Funded at full salary

Teaching obligation at host university

1 course at ASC, 1.5 hours once per week

Engage in ASC faculty activities

Two 4-credit courses

Engage in OSU faculty activities


$3200 + housing provided or $5000 + housing exchange

Standard pay for 4-credit course, or approximately $7,000 per course.


Option for faculty housing exchange if agreed to by both parties of the exchange.

Option for housing provided and paid for by ASC.

Option for faculty housing exchange if agreed to by both parties of the exchange. 

Option to live on campus in scholar housing for approximately $3,200 for the term. 


Travel insurance available through OSU at no cost to faculty. 

If teaching appointment is 0.5FTE or higher, will be provided by OSU. If under 0.5FTE, must provide own proof of coverage. OSU can provide information on policies available for purchase.  

Visa and immigration services

Provided by ASC (if stay exceeds 90 days--if you are not planning to stay beyond the allotted appointment dates, you will NOT need an entry visa for Poland)

Costs paid by ASC. 


Provided by OSU, including:

  • Invitation letter
  • Courtesy appointment
  • Immigration documents processing

Costs paid by OSU CLA. 

Transportation costs

CLA stipend of $2,000

 ASC covers


OSU Faculty must complete the International Travel Registry and the Export Control Process.


Please check out the FAQ page for common questions about the exchange.  You should also feel free to reach out to the following CLA faculty members for any additional questions you may have about living in Warsaw, traveling with families, working at the ASC, or other logistics of the exchange.

Karen Holmberg, Associate Professor of English, School of Writing, Literature and Film (ASC Visiting Professor, 2023)

Raymond Malewitz, Associate Professor of English, School of Writing, Literature and Film (ASC Visiting Professor, 2021)


This exchange aligns with OSU's new Strategic Plan, which includes the goal to “Leverage global networks and partnerships to create additional competitive advantage in research and teaching.”  It also aligns with OSU’s Internationalization and Global Engagement Strategy, which calls for further support and development of global activity and global learning, including actions to “reduce barriers and increase access to a broader set of global learning options” and to “enable faculty success through targeted support for developing and conducting global activities.” In other words, the exchange would provide CLA faculty and students with regularized high-impact, low-cost global networking, research, and teaching experiences. Because this type of exchange has not been done before at OSU, it positions CLA as an innovator for global engagement, providing a possible model for broader adoption across the university.