The ways in which we tell stories and analyze and appreciate texts is quickly evolving. To keep up with these changes, the School of Writing, Literature, and Film has created a media channel to showcase digital projects. To help expand the types of media with which we are engaged, we have recently revamped the Smith Media Lab in Moreland Hall to support student and faculty public-outreach projects.

The Oregon State Guide to Literary Terms

Since 2019, the Oregon State Guide to English Literary Terms has served as a free, online, creative commons (CC BY) resource for literature and creative writing teachers and students within and beyond the United States.


The Oregon State Guide to Grammar

In the Oregon State Guide to Grammar, our faculy and graduate students define grammar terms, explain grammatical conventions, identify parts of speech and constructions, and help students toward a better awareness of their own linguistic intuition.

About Words

About Words: Conversations on the Craft of Writing is a short film series that prompts writers to reflect on their creative discipline, the personal philosophies they invoke, and how writing connects them to the rest of the world.

The Wonder and the Worry

The School of Writing, Literature and Film is partnering with Oregon State University Films and OSU's College of Liberal Arts to produce a feature-length movie! The Wonder and the Worry is a film currently in production about two amazing careers, a lyrical exploration of family and the craft of photography and the power of journalism to effect change.

Romeo and Juliet Open Educational Textbook

In an effort funded through Open Oregon State and with support from Oregon State’s School of Writing, Literature, and Film, a group of 20 students, led by Dr. Rebecca Olson, crafted this edition of Romeo and Juliet with the vision that it be easily read and accessed by high school students everywhere.