Administered by the Graduate School, the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to integrate three fields of study.  Requirements include a minimum of 45 credits and a thesis or research paper, with at least 9 credits in each field of study.  No more than 21 credit hours (excluding thesis or research paper credit) may be taken in any field unless the total program exceeds 45 credits.

A field may be a department or an area of concentration within a department. Two of the three fields may be different areas of concentration in one department. English offers two such areas: 1) Literature and Culture and 2) Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture.  Either of these areas combines well with a variety of other options, including history, women studies, and education.  

MAIS applicants whose primary area of concentration is in English should apply for fall admission (by the same deadline that has been set for MA applications) and should submit a writing sample of no more than 8 pages.  Applicants should have had some upper-division undergraduate coursework in English.

MAIS applicants who choose English as a second or third field may apply for admission in any term.  We recommend that these candidates also have some upper-division undergraduate coursework in English and submit a writing sample of no more than 8 pages. 

For advising, please contact Megan Ward, Director of the MA program, if English or Writing is your primary areas of study.