How WR II Fits into Your Bacc Core Experience

Once a student has completed WR 121Z, they are required to take an elective course from among the offerings in the Writing II category. The required Writing II course is part of a student’s Bacc Core experience. These courses are designed to deepen students’ awareness of and capacity with writing tools and expectations in a core area (e.g. academic writing, professional writing, technical writing, etc). In all cases, Writing II courses engage students in the process of critical thinking, audience analysis, document planning, and revision. 

Your WR II "Menu"


Course Name

Skills you'll work on

WRIting projects may include

WR 201 Writing for Media You'll learn to write the news in a variety of styles, including print, broadcast, liveblog, and storyboarding.
  • Print and digital portfolios
  • Photojournalistic essay on a topic of your choice
WR 214 Writing in Business You'll develop writing techniques for workplace situations, excellent email skills, and strategies for writing collaboratively with a team.
  • High quality résumé and cover letter
  • Portfolio of professional writing, including a research report
WR 323 English Composition You'll learn to decode the persuasive forces that shape our world--academic and beyond, and you'll learn to encode your own arguments for maximum persuasive impact.
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • Persuasive essay
  • Discourse analysis
WR 224 Introduction to Fiction Writing You'll build your understanding of the foundational elements of storytelling by reading and writing short fiction.
  • Exercises on fiction elements such as setting and point of view
  • Original short story portfolio
WR 230 Essentials of English Grammar You'll learn how to avoid common errors and use punctuation effectively, and you'll develop your grammar vocabulary.
  • Grammar in emails
  • Grammar practice and reflection
  • Grammar handout and presentation
WR 240 Introduction to Nonfiction Writing You'll learn how to tell true stories through vivid and engaging creative nonfiction.
  • Short creative assignments
  • Writer's notebook
  • Creative essay portfolio
WR 241 Introduction to Poetry Writing You'll develop skills in incisive word choice, sound, imagery, and other poetic techniques through exposure to a range of poetic forms and subjects.
  • Writing exercises and exploratory writing
  • Poetry portfolio
WR 250 Podcast Storytelling You'll develop the skills to launch your own podcast, including how to record, interview, structure and edit narrative podcasts.
  • Podcast analysis
  • Audio interview
  • Podcast
WR 303 Writing for the Web You'll examine the visible and invisible forces that shape our internet interactions, and you'll learn to write for digital audiences across platforms.
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Wikipedia project
  • Video essay
WR 227Z Technical Writing You'll construct clear and concise technical workplace documents that leverage your readers' needs and values to achieve your professional goals.
  • Technical or process description
  • Technical definition
  • Reports
WR 362 Science Writing You'll learn to write about complex scientific research in an entertaining, engaging, and accurate way for a general audience.
  • Science writer profile
  • New discovery story
  • Feature article