English StudentsLearning Outcomes

  • Write effective arguments about a variety of literary and cultural texts.
  • Use information literacy and new technologies to plan and conduct research appropriate to initial and advanced study in English. 
  • Recognize and interpret a wide variety of texts and genres (may include visual, material, inter-cultural texts), using a range of theoretical and interpretive strategies, including close reading. 
  • Demonstrate the role of context(s) in production, reception, and transmission of literary and cultural texts (across periods, histories, geographical/national spaces, and cultural differences).
28  Credits Required with two options.

(8 Credits):

Survey of American Literature: 
ENG 253 and ENG 254 
Survey of British Literature: Choose 2 of the following:
ENG 204
ENG 205
ENG 206

(12 Credits)

      Any Three Upper-Division (300 or 400-level) English Courses

(8 Credits)

      Choose from Upper- or Lower-Division English  or Upper-Division Writing Courses