The MPP Program has been able to provide competitive Graduate Assistantships for the majority of our resident students. In addition, many students are funded on faculty research grants such as the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Oregon Department of Forestry, etc.  All funding decisions are based on merit. Students interested in funding should submit their applications by the deadlines listed below.


For students who wish to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship, which comes with tuition, fees, health insurance option, and a monthly stipend, the application deadline is MARCH 1 for Fall Quarter admission. Only full time Corvallis based students are eligible for Graduate Assistantships.

For McNair Scholars the OSU Graduate School offers the McNair Scholar Incentive Program, which provides tuition scholarships for qualified students. The deadline for applications is MARCH 1 for Fall Quarter admission.

Students interested in the Graduate Diversity Recruitment Bonus Program ($5,000 scholarship), must have their application submitted by January 31 for Fall Quarter admission.

The OSU Graduate School has put together a list of funding opportunities and strategies at the following website (“Funding Your Education”):