Our program offers B.A. and B.S. degrees in Anthropology, including optional specializations in Archaeology, Biocultural Anthropology, and Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology. Our programs provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human societies and cultures past and present, connecting approaches from the sciences and humanities.

As an applied anthropology program, we are committed to training students to apply cutting-edge theory and methods to solve pressing social problems in a wide range of careers. Our students learn to think critically about complex social systems, conduct intellectually rigorous and ethical research, work independently and as part of a team and communicate their insights to enhance intellectual and practical impact.

In an interconnected, complex and changing world, a degree in anthropology prepares students for careers in governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, as well as advanced degrees.

Interested in connecting with other students studying anthropology? Contact our advising team to learn more about the OSU Anthropology Club.

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