Each year we offer an Archaeological Field School with Dr. Loren Davis as well as an ethnographic field school directed by Dr. Sarah Cunningham.

2020 OSU Archaeology Field School: A Virtual Expedition: ANTH 438/538: Archaeology Field School, June 22-July 31

This online version of ANTH 438/538 will combine virtual web-based excavation experiences, readings, and practical exercises students will perform at home. Students will also learn about archaeology field methods by completing lessons based on the extensive photographic, video, and recorded datasets obtained from archaeological excavations at the Cooper’s Ferry site in western Idaho. Apply here



Anthropology Ethnographic Field School

On a bi-annual basis, the Ethnographic Field School is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Over the course of two full weeks, the students learn about and put into practice ethnographic methods.  Housed with local families, students will get to know a community culture that is not their own.  As they practice the participant observation and interviewing skills they learn about, each student chooses and pursues a topic relevant to rural people and places.