Each year we offer an Archaeological Field School with Dr. Loren Davis as well as an ethnographic field school directed by Dr. Sarah Cunningham.

2021 OSU Archaeology Field School at the Devils Kitchen Site, Oregon: ANTH 438/538: Archaeology Field School, June 21-July 16

Learn modern archaeological excavation methods as we continue our study of the Devils Kitchen site, located on Oregon’s southern coast near the town of Bandon. Overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, this site holds a fascinating record of the past 13,000 years. Our expedition will seek to learn how long people lived at the site, what their past lives were like, and how their local coastal environments changed over time. As a part of this course, students will also learn geoarchaeology field methods and archaeology laboratory procedures in a stunning outdoor classroom setting. Students and staff will camp at Bullards Beach State Park, which is a short walk from beautiful beach and estuary areas.

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Anthropology Ethnographic Field School

On a bi-annual basis, the Ethnographic Field School is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Over the course of two full weeks, the students learn about and put into practice ethnographic methods.  Housed with local families, students will get to know a community culture that is not their own.  As they practice the participant observation and interviewing skills they learn about, each student chooses and pursues a topic relevant to rural people and places.