Each year we offer an Archaeological Field School with Dr. Loren Davis as well as an ethnographic field school directed by Dr. Sarah Cunningham.

Silvies Cave Field School - Dr. Loren Davis

From August 3-28 Dr. Loren Davis will lead the OSU Archaeology Field School in the excavation of the Silvies Cave site.  Silvies Cave is located in the beautiful Silvies River Valley, north of Burns, Oregon. Previous excavations show that the Silvies Cave site contains an early record of human occupation that includes the discovery of a buried Clovis fluted point and other Western Stemmed Tradition artifacts.

Join us this coming summer to learn professional archaeological excavation, recordation, and field curation skills as we seek clues about the first peoples of Far Western North America. In addition to archaeological field skills, students will receive instruction in zooarchaeology and will learn to make and study stone tools.  Anyone can apply to be a part of the 2020 OSU expedition to the Silvies Cave site.  See you in the field!  Apply here.



Anthropology Ethnographic Field School

On a bi-annual basis, the Ethnographic Field School is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Over the course of two full weeks, the students learn about and put into practice ethnographic methods.  Housed with local families, students will get to know a community culture that is not their own.  As they practice the participant observation and interviewing skills they learn about, each student chooses and pursues a topic relevant to rural people and places.