History Students Association

What you will do in the club:

  • Make new friends
  • Watch movies
  • Plan and attend fundraising events
  • Debate
  • Play trivia games
  • Plan the History Career Fair
  • Plan the Undergraduate History Conference

Benefits of Membership:

  • Meet people in your major
  • Study and share notes
  • Learn about career options in history, grad school and internships
  • Active membership in a club looks good on a resume!
  • Learn about future classes and your history professors
  • Peer tutoring and course evaluation
  • End of term paper share and peer review
  • List serve e-mail membership
  • Stay in touch using our Facebook group
  • Historical film viewings
  • Road trips to historical sites and exhibits
  • Program meetings with guest speakers
  • Fundraising and recruitment activities
  • Group tours of Valley Library Special Collections


Join our Facebook group for meeting updates and event information!