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School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Alumni

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion graduates take a wide range of jobs such as social media, video production, post-production, sound production, advertising, marketing, sales, public relations, advocate, legal, political media, reporter, editor, crowdsourcing alchemist, human factors design, and special events planning.

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Holocaust Memorial Program

At Oregon State University, we have observed Holocaust Memorial Week every year since 1987. The breadth and the duration of our effort are unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. This program grows from the belief that educational institutions can do much to combat prejudice of all kinds, and to foster respect for the diversity that is America, by promoting an awareness of the Holocaust, perhaps the most horrific historical indicator of the high cost of prejudice.

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Cabildos Lecture Series

The goal of this series is to:

  • Listen to Black voices
  • Foreground cutting edge scholarship
  • Contextualize United States history in an African Diaspora context
  • Highlight the links between academic research and activism


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Flash Panel Series

Join us for panel discussions of experts in history, philosophy, religious studies, and other fields to explore the context, significance, and implications of current events and what they portend for American society.

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Giving to SHPR

Visionary donations are funding the future of SHPR. Every year, generous donors support students, faculty and programs across the college. Whatever your passion, a gift to SHPR is a philanthropic investment that makes a world of difference. And options abound for gifts of any size to any SHPR program.

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