The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion offers major and minor degrees across the three areas of study.

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Applied Ethics

Applied Ethics builds upon the various courses in ethics taught in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion and courses with ethics-related content found throughout the university, in order to provide students with a systematic and thorough understanding of the moral world for their civic, professional, and personal lives.

Graduate Grad. Minor Grad. Major Master's Certificate Certificate

Applied Humanities

In our complex world, employers need professionals who can dig deeply into a diverse range of cultural perspectives to gain a better understanding and communicate more effectively. That’s the spirit of Oregon State University’s B.A./B.S. in Applied Humanities online degree program, one that will help you build a strong foundation in liberal arts with a focus on cultural responsiveness and communication.

Undergraduate Major Bachelor's


This major offers the following options:

  • Community History and Civic Engagement
  • Global Perspectives on War, Peace, and Empire
  • History of Science and Technology
Undergraduate Minor Major Bachelor's Graduate Grad. Minor Grad. Major Master's
Corvallis, Ecampus

History and Philosophy of Science

Graduate Areas of Concentration
History of science and medicine, development of the physical, biological, and environmental sciences, intellectual and social history of science in Europe and the U.S.

Graduate Grad. Minor Grad. Major Master's PhD

Medical Humanities

This certificate is available as a standalone program.

The undergraduate certificate in Medical Humanities offers OSU students a multi-disciplinary integrated program to study health, medicine, and the healing professions.

Undergraduate Certificate Certificate
Corvallis, Ecampus

Military History

Issues such as war and peace have continually been part of the human condition. This military history minor is designed to better inform students regarding the questions and controversies surrounding military and peace studies.

Undergraduate Minor
Corvallis, Ecampus

Peace Studies

The undergraduate certificate in Peace Studies offers OSU students a multi-disciplinary, integrated program focused on strategies for peace. The certificate incorporates courses from a wide variety of disciplines.

Undergraduate Certificate Certificate


Philosophy provides a broad education and intellectual skills that are useful in many occupations and areas of life. It is also a valuable background for graduate study in philosophy and religious studies and for advanced study in such professional fields as law and public service.

Undergraduate Minor Major Bachelor's Graduate Grad. Minor
Corvallis, Ecampus

Religious Studies

The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion offers a BA or BS degree in Religious Studies as well as a minor in Religious Studies, and an undergraduate certificate in medical humanities. Courses emphasize skills in critical thinking, argumentative and expository writing, cultural literacy, citizenship, and global diversity.

Undergraduate Minor Major Bachelor's
Corvallis, Ecampus

Yoga Studies and Yoga Teacher Training

The program combines yoga praxis and instruction with academic accountability and a scholarly approach to yoga made possible by OSU’s expertise in the academic study of yoga.

Undergraduate Certificate Certificate