A total of 67 faculty members from the School of Public Policy (Economics, Political Science and Sociology) and affiliated disciplines comprise the MPP faculty, serving the program in various functions (see also: MPP Core Faculty).


Faculty Listing by Policy Concentrations:

Faculty Listing by Program:

Economics Program

Professor Patrick Emerson Patrick Emerson

Phone: (541) 737-1479

Policy Areas: International development; industrial, labor, urban and environmental economics; policy analysis.

PhD: Cornell University

Qinglai Meng

Phone: (541) 737-8744

Policy Areas: Macroeconomics.

PhD: New York University

Todd Pugatch
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6628

Policy Areas: Labor economics, development economics and education economics.

PhD: University of Michigan

Elizabeth Schroeder
Elizabeth Schroeder
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-1476 

Policy Areas: Applied microeconomics and development.

PhD: Georgetown University

Assistant Professor Paul Thompson Paul Thompson
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-8185

Policy Areas: Social Policy

PhD: Michigan State University

Carol Horton Tremblay

Phone: (541) 737-1468

Policy Areas: Public policy analysis, econometrics, economics of U.S. brewing industry.

PhD: Washington State University

Victor J. Tremblay

Phone: (541) 737-1471

Policy Areas: Industrial organization, microeconomics, the economics of advertising, and the economics of the U.S. brewing and cigarette industries.

PhD: Washington State University

Political Science Program

bernell David Bernell
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: International policy, foreign relations, energy, environment, Latin America

PhD: Johns Hopkins University

henderson Sarah Henderson
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6236

Policy Areas: Russia/Central and Eastern Europe, Democratization, Civil Society, Gender and Post-communism

PhD: University of Colorado

Alison Johnston Alison Johnston
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6243 

Policy Areas: Comparative politics and economics, European politics and European Union politics

PhD: London School of Economics

Michael Jones

Michael Jones
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811 

Policy Areas: Narrative Policy Framework, policy process, environmental policy, social policy, science and technology 

PhD: University of Oklahoma

Philipp Kneis Philipp Kneis

Phone: (541) 737-1325

Policy Areas: International, Social and Cultural politics

PhD: University of Potsdam, Germany

li Hua-Yu Li
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6235

Policy Areas: China's political economy in the early 1950s, Sino-Soviet relations, the CCP and its evolution and change.

PhD: Columbia University

solberg Rorie Solberg
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: Judicial Politics.

PhD: Ohio State University

steel Brent S. Steel
Professor & Graduate Program Director

Phone: (541) 737-6133

Policy Areas: International and comparative environmental policy, comparative rural policy, science and scientists in the policy process, state and local governance.

PhD: Washington State

Christopher Stout
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-4729

Policy Areas: Public opinion, polling accuracy, race and politics, minority voting behavior 

PhD: University of California, Irvine

valls Andrew Valls
Associate Professor and Interim Director of the School of Public Policy

Phone: (541) 737-9577

Policy Areas: Political theory, especially theories of justice and democracy, domestic and global inequality, race and ethnicity, environmental political theory.

PhD: University of Pittsburgh

weber Edward Weber
Ulysses Dubach Professor of Environmental Policy

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: Environmental politics and policy, public administration, science and politics.

PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Erika Wolters Erika Allen Wolters
Assistant Professor; Coordinator B.S. in Public Policy

Phone: (541) 737-6243

Policy Areas: Environmental politics and policy, science and politics.

PhD: Oregon State University

Sociology Program

Scott Akins Scott Akins

Phone: (541) 737-5370

Policy Areas: Criminology and deviance, drug use and policy, research methods.

PhD: Washington State

Hilary Boudet Hilary Boudet
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-5375

Policy Areas: Social movements, environmental policy, energy policy.

PhD: Stanford University

Burkhardt Brett Burkhardt
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2310

Policy Areas: Sociology of law, law and society, political sociology, criminal justice and criminology. 

PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison

flaxen-conway Flaxen Conway
Professor, Director, Marine Resource Management Program

Phone: (541) 737-1339

Policy Areas: Communities coping with change and transition; personal and group leadership education; cooperative learning and research; renewable energy policy.

Lori A. Cramer Lori Cramer

Phone: (541) 737-5382

Policy Areas: Natural resource sociology, environmental sociology, social impact assessment, rural sociology.

PhD: Utah State University

Mark Edwards Mark Edwards

Phone: (541) 737-5379

Policy Areas: Poverty and inequality, food security, sociology of housing, research methods.

PhD: University of Washington

Sally Gallagher Sally Gallagher

Phone: (541) 737-5367

Policy Areas: Work and family, gender, sociology of religion, international development.

PhD: University of Massachusetts,

roger hammer Roger Hammer
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-5406

Policy Areas: Ecological demography, rural sociology, migration, housing.

PhD: University of Wisconsin,

Allison Hurst Allison Hurst
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-3391

Policy Areas: Social Policy

PhD: University of Oregon

Michelle Inderbitzin Michelle Inderbitzin
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-8921

Policy Areas: Juvenile delinquency, criminology, deviant behavior and social control, sociology of education.

PhD: University of Washington

Kelsy Kretschmer
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-3077 

Policy Areas: Social movements, gender inequality, organizations, political sociology 

PhD: University of California, Irvine

Dwaine Plaza Dwaine Plaza

Phone: (541) 737-5369

Policy Areas: Caribbean studies, migration and settlement, race and ethnic relations.

PhD: York University (Canada)

Ana Spalding
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2073

Policy Areas: Marine and coastal policy, migration and development 

PhD: University of California, Santa Cruz

rebecca-warner Rebecca Warner

Phone: (541) 737-0732 

Policy Areas: Gender and family policy; science policy; comparative and international gender policy. 

PhD: Washington State University

Affiliated Faculty

  Brenda O. Bateman
Instructor, Institute for Water and Watersheds


Policy Areas: Environmental Policy

PhD: University of Maryland,


Stephanie Bernell
Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy

Phone: (541) 737-9162

Policy Areas: Labor market effects of physical and mental health status, the relationship between place and obesity, and the causes of hunger and food insecurity.

PhD: Johns Hopkins University

  Holly V. Campbell
Instructor, Fisheries and Wildlife

Phone: (541) 740-9716

Policy Areas: marine policy; domestic and international use of science in regulatory systems and governance; ecosystem-based management; systems analysis of the coastal zone including human uses, integrated policy approaches to food, energy, water, and climate; offshore alternative energy (including wind and wave energy)

PhD: Oregon State University

  Samuel Chan
Oregon Sea Grant

Phone: (541) 737-8692

Policy Areas: Aquatic ecosystems health, marine and coastal policy and outreach, invasive species.

PhD: Oregon State University

  Yong Chen
Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Phone: (541) 737-3176

Policy Areas: Regional development and land use policy.

PhD: Ohio State University

  Chunhuei Chi
Associate Professor and Coordinator, International Health Program

Phone: (541) 737-3836

Policy Areas: Equitable and sustainable health development for low-income nations; health systems finance; national health care systems and universal health care; evaluating equity and efficiency(extra-welfarism) in health care services.

PhD: Harvard University

  Allison Davis-White Eyes
Director of Community Diversity Relations, Office of Institutional Diversity

Phone: (541) 737-3099

Policy Areas: American Indian policy, culture and society; international education policy; rural policy; diversity; gender policy

PhD: Oregon State University

  Qwo-Li Driskill
Assistant Professor
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (541) 737-1114  

Policy Areas: American Indian culture and literature; gender and sexuality studies; performing arts

PhD: Michigan State University

  Patti Duncan
Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (541) 737-9274

Policy Areas: Transnational feminist theories; gender and the global economy; gender issues in Asia.

PhD: Emory University

  Lisa Gaines
Institute for Natural Resources

Phone: (541) 737-1976

Policy Areas: Environmental policy and decision-making, citizen participation, evaluation, and human dimensions of environmental risk.

PhD: Oregon State University

Drew Gerkey
Assistant Professor, Ecological Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-3793

Policy Area: Environmental Policy

PhD: Rutgers University

  Joan Gross
Professor, Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-3852

Policy Areas: Agrifood movements, rural anthropology, Europe, Latin America, food and discourse.

PhD: University of Texas-Austin

  Jacob Darwin Hamblin
Associate Professor, History of Science

Phone: (541) 737-3503 

Policy Areas: History of Science, History of Technology, Environmental History. 

PhD: University of California, Santa Barbara

  Sunil Khanna
Professor, Public Health and Human Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-3859

Policy Areas: International health, genetic privacy policy, HIPAA, rural-urban migration, gender and development, reproductive health, policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

PhD: Syracuse University

  Jeffrey Kline
Research Forester, Pacific Northwest Research Station

Phone: (541) 758-7776

Policy Areas: Land use, development effects on forestry, public forest values, open space.

PhD: University of Rhode Island

  Janet Lee
Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (541) 737-6132

Policy Areas: Gender and science, global women's issues, theories of feminisms, and feminist research.

PhD: Washington State University

 denise lach Bill Loges
Associate Professor
New Media Communications

Phone: (541) 737-9855  

Policy Areas: New Media Communications; New Media and Society; Media Theory; Diffusion of Innovations; Media Ethics; Media Effects; History of Telecommunication 

PhD: University of Southern California

  Kate MacTavish
Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-9130

Policy Areas: Human Development and family in small towns and rural areas

PhD: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Kenneth Maes
Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-7870

Policy Areas: Global health inequalities, primary health care, labor, food and water insecurity, mental health

PhD: Emory University

  Mark Needham 
Associate Professor, Forest Ecosystems and Society

Phone: (541) 737-1498

Policy Areas: Human dimensions of natural resources, recreation, tourism and wildlife.

PhD: Colorado State University

Gabrielle Roesch McNally
Northwest Climate Hub Fellow, US Forest Service

Phone: (541) 750-7091

Policy Areas: Environmental Policy, Rural Policy, Science and Technology Policy; Rural and Environmental Sociology

PhD: Iowa State University

  Larry Roper
Professor, Ethnic Studies

Phone: (541) 737-3626

Policy Areas: Racism and interracial dynamics, social distance.

PhD: University of Maryland,
College Park

  Randall Rosenberger
Associate Professor, Forest Ecosystems and Society

Phone: (541) 737-4425

Policy Areas: Economics of Recreation Resources, valuation of non-market resources and economics of sustainable natural resources.

PhD: Colorado State University

David Rothwell
Assistant Professor
Human Development and Family Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-1081

Policy Areas: Social Welfare Policy, Poverty, Family Policy

PhD: University of Hawai’i at Manoa


  Vijay A. Satyal
Senior Policy Analyst, WECC

Phone: (503) 373-7806

Policy Areas: Renewable energy policy.

PhD: Oregon State University

  Susan Shaw
Professor & Chair, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (541) 737-3082

Policy Areas: Systems of oppression in women's lives.

PhD: Southern Baptist Seminary

  Garry Stephenson
Coordinator, Small Farms Program

Phone: (541) 737-5833

Policy Areas: Local and Regional Food systems, Alternative marketing systems, Farmers’ markets, Beginning farmer and rancher education

PhD: University of Oregon

Karen Thompson
Assistant Professor, Education

Phone: (541) 737-2988

Policy Areas: Education Policy

PhD: Stanford University

Robert Thompson
Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

Phone: (541) 737-5367

Policy Areas: Contemporary African American social and political discourse; racial patterns of urbanization.

PhD: University of California, Santa Cruz

  Bryan Tilt
Professor, Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-3896

Policy Areas: Sustainable development, environmental risk assessment, pollution, community participation, natural resources, fisheries management

PhD: University of Washington

  Gregg Walker
Professor, Communications

Phone: (541) 737-2461

Policy Areas: Environmental (conflict)

PhD: University of Kansas

  Haizhong Wang
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering

Phone: (541) 737-8538

Policy Areas: Civil Engineering

PhD: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  Justin Wettstein
Assistant Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences


Policy Areas: Environmental Policy

PhD: University of Washington, Seattle

  Aaron Wolf
Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-5369

Policy Areas: Transboundary water conflicts and conflict resolution, water basin technical and policy analysis, environmental policy analysis.

PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison