A total of 48 faculty members from the School of Public Policy and affiliated disciplines comprise the MPP faculty, serving the program in various functions (see also: MPP Core Faculty).


Faculty Listing by Policy Concentrations:

Faculty Listing by Program:

Economics Program

  Katie Bollman
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: Microeonomics; Inequality

PhD: Michigan State University

Professor Patrick Emerson Patrick Emerson

Phone: (541) 737-1479

Policy Areas: International development; industrial, labor, urban and environmental economics; policy analysis.

PhD: Cornell University


Grant Jacobsen
Associate Professor


Policy Areas: Energy Economics

PhD: University of California, Santa Barbara

Qinglai Meng

Phone: (541) 737-8744

Policy Areas: Macroeconomics.

PhD: New York University

Hoang Pham

Assistant Professor


Policy Areas: International Trade, labor economics

PhD: Syracuse University

Todd Pugatch
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6628

Policy Areas: Labor economics, development economics and education economics.

PhD: University of Michigan

Elizabeth Schroeder
Elizabeth Schroeder
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-1476 

Policy Areas: Applied microeconomics and development.

PhD: Georgetown University

Assistant Professor Paul Thompson Paul Thompson
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-8185

Policy Areas: Social Policy

PhD: Michigan State University

Carol Horton Tremblay
Professor Emeritus

Phone: (541) 737-1468

Policy Areas: Public policy analysis, econometrics, economics of U.S. brewing industry.

PhD: Washington State University

Victor J. Tremblay

Phone: (541) 737-1471

Policy Areas: Industrial organization, microeconomics, the economics of advertising, and the economics of the U.S. brewing and cigarette industries.

PhD: Washington State University

Political Science Program

bernell David Bernell
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: International policy, foreign relations, energy, environment, Latin America

PhD: Johns Hopkins University

henderson Sarah Henderson
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6236

Policy Areas: Russia/Central and Eastern Europe, Democratization, Civil Society, Gender and Post-communism

PhD: University of Colorado

Alison Johnston Alison Johnston
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6243 

Policy Areas: Comparative politics and economics, European politics and European Union politics

PhD: London School of Economics

li Hua-Yu Li
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-6235

Policy Areas: China's political economy in the early 1950s, Sino-Soviet relations, the CCP and its evolution and change.

PhD: Columbia University

solberg Rorie Solberg
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: Judicial Politics.

PhD: Ohio State University

steel Brent S. Steel
Professor & Graduate Program Director

Phone: (541) 737-6133

Policy Areas: International and comparative environmental policy, comparative rural policy, science and scientists in the policy process, energy policy, sustainable state and local governance.

PhD: Washington State

Christopher Stout
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-4729

Policy Areas: Public opinion, polling accuracy, race and politics, minority voting behavior 

PhD: University of California, Irvine


Andrew Valls
Professor,School of Public Policy

Phone: (541) 737-9577

Policy Areas: Political theory, especially theories of justice and democracy, domestic and global inequality, race and ethnicity, environmental political theory.

PhD: University of Pittsburgh

weber Edward Weber
Ulysses Dubach Professor of Environmental Policy

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: Environmental politics and policy, public administration, science and politics.

PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Erika Wolters Erika Allen Wolters
Assistant Professor; Coordinator B.S. in Public Policy

Phone: (541) 737-6243

Policy Areas: Environmental politics and policy, science and politics.

PhD: Oregon State University

Sociology Program

Scott Akins Scott Akins

Phone: (541) 737-5370

Policy Areas: Criminology and deviance, drug use and policy, research methods.

PhD: Washington State

Catherine Bolzendahl
School Director & Professor

catherine [dot] bolzendahl [at] oregonstate.edu
Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: 1) The importance of gender equality for social policy investments and policy outcomes; 2) Changing notions of citizenship, political participation, and gender inequality; and 3) Family as a site of inequality on the basis of gender, political rights, and sexual orientation.

PhD: Indiana University, Bloomington

Hilary Boudet Hilary Boudet
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-5375

Policy Areas: Social movements, environmental policy, energy policy.

PhD: Stanford University

Burkhardt Brett Burkhardt
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2310

Policy Areas: Sociology of law, law and society, political sociology, criminal justice and criminology. 

PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison

flaxen-conway Flaxen Conway
Professor, Director, Marine Resource Management Program

Phone: (541) 737-1339

Policy Areas: Communities coping with change and transition; personal and group leadership education; cooperative learning and research; renewable energy policy.

Lori A. Cramer Lori Cramer

Phone: (541) 737-5382

Policy Areas: Natural resource sociology, environmental sociology, social impact assessment, rural sociology.

PhD: Utah State University

Mark Edwards Mark Edwards

Phone: (541) 737-5379

Policy Areas: Poverty and inequality, food security, sociology of housing, research methods.

PhD: University of Washington

Sally Gallagher Sally Gallagher

Phone: (541) 737-5367

Policy Areas: Work and family, gender, sociology of religion, international development.

PhD: University of Massachusetts,

  Shawn Hazboun
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2811

Policy Areas: Energy and Environmental Policy

PhD: Utah State University

Allison Hurst Allison Hurst
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-3391

Policy Areas: Social Policy

PhD: University of Oregon

Michelle Inderbitzin Michelle Inderbitzin
Associate Professor

Phone: (541) 737-8921

Policy Areas: Juvenile delinquency, criminology, deviant behavior and social control, sociology of education.

PhD: University of Washington

Kelsy Kretschmer
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-3077 

Policy Areas: Social movements, gender inequality, organizations, political sociology 

PhD: University of California, Irvine

Dwaine Plaza Dwaine Plaza

Phone: (541) 737-5369

Policy Areas: Caribbean studies, migration and settlement, race and ethnic relations.

PhD: York University (Canada)

Ana Spalding
Assistant Professor

Phone: (541) 737-2073

Policy Areas: Marine and coastal policy, migration and development 

PhD: University of California, Santa Cruz

rebecca-warner Rebecca Warner

Phone: (541) 737-0732 

Policy Areas: Gender and family policy; science policy; comparative and international gender policy. 

PhD: Washington State University

Affiliated Faculty

  Brenda O. Bateman
Instructor, Institute for Water and Watersheds


Policy Areas: Environmental Policy

PhD: University of Maryland,


Stephanie Bernell
Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy

Phone: (541) 737-9162

Policy Areas: Labor market effects of physical and mental health status, the relationship between place and obesity, and the causes of hunger and food insecurity.

PhD: Johns Hopkins University

  Samuel Chan
Oregon Sea Grant

Phone: (541) 737-8692

Policy Areas: Aquatic ecosystems health, marine and coastal policy and outreach, invasive species.

PhD: Oregon State University

  Yong Chen
Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Phone: (541) 737-3176

Policy Areas: Regional development and land use policy.

PhD: Ohio State University

  Chunhuei Chi
Associate Professor and Coordinator, International Health Program

Phone: (541) 737-3836

Policy Areas: Equitable and sustainable health development for low-income nations; health systems finance; national health care systems and universal health care; evaluating equity and efficiency(extra-welfarism) in health care services.

PhD: Harvard University

  Allison Davis-White Eyes
Director of Community Diversity Relations, Office of Institutional Diversity

Phone: (541) 737-3099

Policy Areas: American Indian policy, culture and society; international education policy; rural policy; diversity; gender policy

PhD: Oregon State University

  Qwo-Li Driskill
Assistant Professor
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Policy Areas: American Indian culture and literature; gender and sexuality studies; performing arts

PhD: Michigan State University

  Patti Duncan
Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (541) 737-9274

Policy Areas: Transnational feminist theories; gender and the global economy; gender issues in Asia.

PhD: Emory University

  Lisa Gaines
Institute for Natural Resources

Phone: (541) 737-1976

Policy Areas: Environmental policy and decision-making, citizen participation, evaluation, and human dimensions of environmental risk.

PhD: Oregon State University

Drew Gerkey
Assistant Professor, Ecological Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-3793

Policy Area: Environmental Policy

PhD: Rutgers University

  Jacob Darwin Hamblin
Associate Professor, History of Science

Phone: (541) 737-3503 

Policy Areas: History of Science, History of Technology, Environmental History. 

PhD: University of California, Santa Barbara

  Sunil Khanna
Professor, Public Health and Human Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-3859

Policy Areas: International health, genetic privacy policy, HIPAA, rural-urban migration, gender and development, reproductive health, policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

PhD: Syracuse University

  Jeffrey Kline
Research Forester, Pacific Northwest Research Station

Phone: (541) 758-7776

Policy Areas: Land use, development effects on forestry, public forest values, open space.

PhD: University of Rhode Island

 denise lach Bill Loges
Associate Professor
New Media Communications

Phone: (541) 737-9855  

Policy Areas: New Media Communications; New Media and Society; Media Theory; Diffusion of Innovations; Media Ethics; Media Effects; History of Telecommunication 

PhD: University of Southern California

  Kate MacTavish
Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-9130

Policy Areas: Human Development and family in small towns and rural areas

PhD: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Kenneth Maes
Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-7870

Policy Areas: Global health inequalities, primary health care, labor, food and water insecurity, mental health

PhD: Emory University

  Mark Needham 
Associate Professor, Forest Ecosystems and Society

Phone: (541) 737-1498

Policy Areas: Human dimensions of natural resources, recreation, tourism and wildlife.

PhD: Colorado State University

Gabrielle Roesch McNally
Northwest Climate Hub Fellow, US Forest Service

Phone: (541) 750-7091

Policy Areas: Environmental Policy, Rural Policy, Science and Technology Policy; Rural and Environmental Sociology

PhD: Iowa State University

  Randall Rosenberger
Associate Professor, Forest Ecosystems and Society

Phone: (541) 737-4425

Policy Areas: Economics of Recreation Resources, valuation of non-market resources and economics of sustainable natural resources.

PhD: Colorado State University

David Rothwell
Assistant Professor
Human Development and Family Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-1081

Policy Areas: Social Welfare Policy, Poverty, Family Policy

PhD: University of Hawai’i at Manoa


  Susan Shaw
Professor & Chair, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (541) 737-3082

Policy Areas: Systems of oppression in women's lives.

PhD: Southern Baptist Seminary

  Garry Stephenson
Coordinator, Small Farms Program

Phone: (541) 737-5833

Policy Areas: Local and Regional Food systems, Alternative marketing systems, Farmers’ markets, Beginning farmer and rancher education

PhD: University of Oregon

Karen Thompson
Assistant Professor, Education

Phone: (541) 737-2988

Policy Areas: Education Policy

PhD: Stanford University

Robert Thompson
Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

Phone: (541) 737-5367

Policy Areas: Contemporary African American social and political discourse; racial patterns of urbanization.

PhD: University of California, Santa Cruz

  Bryan Tilt
Professor, Anthropology

Phone: (541) 737-3896

Policy Areas: Sustainable development, environmental risk assessment, pollution, community participation, natural resources, fisheries management

PhD: University of Washington

  Gregg Walker
Professor, Communications

Phone: (541) 737-2461

Policy Areas: Environmental (conflict)

PhD: University of Kansas

  Haizhong Wang
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering

Phone: (541) 737-8538

Policy Areas: Civil Engineering

PhD: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  Justin Wettstein
Assistant Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences


Policy Areas: Environmental Policy

PhD: University of Washington, Seattle

  Aaron Wolf
Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: (541) 737-5369

Policy Areas: Transboundary water conflicts and conflict resolution, water basin technical and policy analysis, environmental policy analysis.

PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison