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Instructor and Office Location
Regular Fall Office Hours
Preview Week Office Hours
November 1 - 5
Rachel Attias, MORE 220
WR 224 Intro to Fiction
Mon 12-1:30pm
Thur 12:30-2pm
Joshua Barnhart, MORE 336
WR 241 Intro to Poetry
Mon/Wed/Fri 1-2pm
August Baunach, MORE 310
Wed 7-8pm via Zoom
Thur 12-2pm via Zoom
Mon/Wed 10-10:30 in MORE
Dennis Bennett, MORE 358
Mon/Thurs 12-12:50pm
Valley Library Rm 6169
Thur 2-4pm
MORE 358
David Biespiel, MORE 228
By appointment on Zoom
Tue/Thur 1-2pm
Tekla Bude, MORE 222
J.T. Bushnell, MORE 242
Mon/Wed/Fri 9:50-10:50am
Mon/Wed/Fri 9:50-10:50am
Roby Conner, MORE 328
Thur 10am-12pm
Neil Davison, MORE 230
Mon/Wed 2:30-5pm
Liz Delf, MORE 204A
Mon/Wed 12-1:30pm
Mon/Wed 12-1:30pm
Tue Zoom 11am-12pm
Password: 278634
Meeting ID: 97145140850
Liddy Detar, MORE 224
Tue 11am-1pm in-person
Thur 11am-1pm, virtually on Zoom
Fri 11am-12pm in-person
Rob Drummond, MORE 234
Tue 12:30-2pm
or by appointment
Nick Dybek, MORE 204B
Emily Elbom, MORE 316
Mon/Wed 1-1:50pm
Mon/Wed 3-3:50pm
Gilad Elbom, MORE 232
Tue/Thur 4-5:20pm
Tue/Thur 5-6pm
Evan Gottlieb, MORE 326
Mon/Wed 9-9:50am
Mon/Wed 9-9:50am
Kristin Griffin, MORE 354
By appointment
Wayne Harrison, MORE 338
By appointment on Zoom
Karen Holmberg, MORE 132
Wed 2-3pm
or by appointment
Kristy Kelly, MORE 208
Mon 2-4pm
Thur 12-2pm
Nirit Kurman, MORE 362
Tue/Thur 10:30am-12pm
John Larison, MORE 338
By appointment
Jon Lewis, MORE 312
By appointment on Zoom
Tue/Thur 11-11:50am
Ray Malewitz, MORE 340
Tue/Thur 1-1:50pm
F 11-11:50am
Sarah McGreevy, MORE 356
Mon/Wed 10:30am-12pm
or by appointment
Walter Moore, MORE 306
By appointment
Rebecca Olson, MORE 244
Mon/Wed 10-11am
or by appointment
Mon/Fri 1-2pm
Elena Passarello, MORE 342
Tue/Wed by appointment
Wed 2-3pm
Ehren Pflugfelder, MORE 212
Wed 2-3pm via Zoom
Tue/Thur 2-3pm
Zach Price, MORE 348
Fri 1:30-3pm
Mon/Wed 1-2pm
Ana Ribero, MORE 318
Wed 11am-12pm
Mon 11am-12pm in-person
Mon 12-1 on Zoom
Jen Richter, MORE 204D
Tue 12-1pm
Thur 3:30-4:30pm
Stephanie Roush, MORE 358
Mon/Wed/Fri 2-3pm
Stephen Rust
Fri 10-11:50am on Zoom
Fri 1-2pm on Zoom
Sam Schwartz, MORE 328
Mon/Wed 11am-12pm
or by appointment
Keith Scribner, MORE 308
Tue 12-2pm
Lily Sheehan, MORE 320
Tue 12-2pm
Wed 10am-12pm
in-person or Zoom (368 317 2104)
Justin St. Germain, MORE 350
Wed 5-7:30pm
Jillian St. Jacques, MORE 352
Mon/Wed 11:15am-12pm
or by appointment
Brandy St. John, MORE 356
Wed 2-5pm
Wed 2-5pm
Emma Uriarte, MORE 302
WR 224 Intro to Fiction
Mon 12-2pm
Fri 10-11am
Megan Ward, MORE 322
Thur 8:30-10:30am
Thur/Fri 9-10am
Damien Weaver, Ecampus
Thur 4-5pm on Zoom
Tue/Wed 3-5pm on Zoom
Riley Yuan, MORE 300
WR 240 Intro to Nonfiction
Tue/Wed 3-4:30pm