Currently, the Sociology Program has 15 full-time faculty members and more than four hundred undergraduate majors and minors, many of them participating in our  E-campus program. We offer a wide variety of courses and offer the opportunity to concentrate in one of three specialty options: Crime and Justice, Environmental and Natural Resources, or Social Service and Advocacy.  Sociology students also have the opportunity to apply and develop their sociological skills through our internship program.

Faculty and Staff

Our Vision:

To create engaged citizens, problem solvers, and ethical professionals who understand and explain how society shapes individuals and individuals shape society. 

Our Mission:

The OSU Sociology Program:

  1. Provides a rigorous curriculum and inclusive learning environment for OSU students, including unique opportunities for experiential learning;
  2. Supports the continuous exploration of sociological knowledge with particular focus on social relations, inequality, the environment, and crime. 
  3. Serves the people of Oregon, the nation, and the world by informing solutions to current and future social problems.