male singerInterested in taking voice lessons at Oregon State?

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Being assigned to voice lessons requires an audition. Auditions are low-stress. They are for the purpose of finding you a teacher and giving you information that you will need.
  • Voice lessons are offered for university credit (additional lesson fees apply). Lesson fees are above and beyond your normal tuition. One credit equals one half-hour lesson per week. Two credits equal one full-hour lesson per week.
  • Voice lessons are individual lessons, one-on-one, with the instructor. After you have auditioned, you will be assigned to a teacher. We will also tell you how to get in touch with that teacher. You and your instructor will set a weekly meeting time that is mutually agreed upon. The "official" time listed for your lesson is actually the time of your studio class, not your individual lesson.
  • Studio class is a regular meeting of all the students who study with a particular teacher. Check with your teacher to find out how often you are required to attend. The purpose of studio class is for students to sing for each other and to deal with infomation that is better handled in a group, rather than during your valuable one-on-one lesson time.
  • If you are a music major or a music minor, you are required to engage a pianist to accompany you at your lessons and to rehearse with you additionally once per week. If you are not a music major or minor, the faculty still strongly encourage you to engage a pianist. Your teacher can provide you information about capable pianists who might be available for you.