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Portland Hybrid Program

OSU students now have access to take psychology courses in Portland at the OSU Portland Center.

Oregon State University psychology undergraduates can blend online learning with face-to-face sessions at Pioneer Square.







What is the Portland Hybrid Psychology Program?

The Portland Hybrid Psychology Program caters to transfer students or students who have already completed their general psychology and survey courses.  The program is designed to provide the support and guidance of meeting with instructors in-person, and the flexibility of completing coursework on your own schedule.


Hybrid courses take advantage of the best features of both face-to-face and online learning by replacing some face-to-face time with online learning activities.  For classes in the Portland Center, students can expect to attend classes one day a week and complete the rest of their coursework online. 



Psychology Overview
  • Two degree types: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
    • BA - Requires two years of language (or demonstrate proficiency)
    • BS - Requires additional science and computer science courses
  • Both require 180 credits to graduate
  • Transfer student option:
Community College OSU
120 credits 60 credits
Lower division credits Upper division credits
Intro psych; psychology survey courses Psychology survey (3XX), seminar (4XX), statistics, methods and WIC


Courses Available in Portland

To better accommodate student schedules, some psychology courses will be offered during the day and some in the evening.  Every year, the statistics-methods-writing sequence will be offered in the Portland Center, alternating between day and evening times.

Planned courses for AY 2019-20:

Fall 2019 Time
PSY 485 Behavior Modification Day
PSY 298 Quantitative Methods in Psychological Science Evening
PSY 406 Research Projects Varies based on student schedule
PSY 410 Psychology Internship Varies based on student schedule
Winter 2020 Time

PSY 499 Special Topics course

Planned: Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy

PSY 301 Research Methods Evening
PSY 406 Research Projects Varies based on student schedule
PSY 410 Psychology Internship Varies based on student schedule
Spring 2020 Time

PSY 399 Psychology Careers


ENG 489 Writing, Literature and Medicine

Part of the Medical Humanities Certificate


HSTS 440 History of Psychotherapy

Satisfies Science, Technology and Society (STS) BaccCore requirement;

part of the Medical Humanities Certificate


PSY 480 Advanced Clinical Research Methods

Writing-intensive course

PSY 406 Research Projects Varies based on student schedule
PSY 410 Psychology Internship Varies based on student schedule


Getting Started as a PDX Student

Interested in participating in the Portland Hybrid Psychology Program?

  1. Enroll as a student at OSU and select the Portland Hybrid Program as your campus/location in your application
    1. For transfer students, consider enrolling in the Degree Partnership Program to dually enroll with an Oregon community college
  2. Once admitted, setup your ONID account
  3. Complete the Ecampus online orientation
  4. Contact the Portland psychology advisor, Nicole Wolf, via email to setup an appointment


Where is the Portland Center?  Where do I park?  How do I get in?

The Portland Center is located at 555 SW Morrison Street in downtown Portland in the old Meier & Frank building.  More information on the Center’s location, where to park, how to access the building, and other questions can be found on the Portland Center website at:


Can I complete my entire degree in the Portland Center?

Not all courses needed for a BA/BS in Psychology are currently offered in the Portland Center.  Courses that are offered in Portland are carefully selected to enable students to connect with instructors on topics that are more intensive, like statistics, research methods, and the writing course.  The rest of the courses needed for a psychology degree are fully online through OSU's nationally ranked Ecampus program.


What other courses are offered in the Portland Center?

Hybrid courses in Business Administration and Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS) are also offered in the Portland Center.  After you complete College, University and Psychology requirements, you may have credits left over to complete minors in Business Administration or HDFS.

What classes transfer from my Community College?

For students transferring from Portland Community College (PCC), Clackamas Community College (CCC), or Mt Hood Community College (MHCC), we have created 2+2 Transfer Plans to give you an idea of what classes can transfer between your CC and OSU.  Students transferring from other Oregon community colleges or schools should check-out the course articulations at:

Community College

  Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Portland CC
Clackamas CC
Mt. Hood CC


Want more information about the Program? 
Check out this "Making a Difference with Psychological Science in Portland" webinar.

OSU Webinar: Making a Difference with Psychological Science in Portland

Alumni and Community Partners

OSU alumni and community partner participation is a critical component to our Portland programs. If you are interested in engaging with the School of Psychological Science in Portland to help build community and support student success, we’d like to hear from you. Tell us more about how you'd like to be involved.

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